The Solar Star
Family of Products

The Solar Star family of products feature the right solution for any attic ventilation situation.

How Solar Star Works

Solar Star Attic Fans draw hot air and moisture out of the attic discharge to the exterior.

Montage sur le toit

RM 1200

RM 1200

Make your home as cozy as a bear’s den with the RM 1200. Designed to keep your attic cool and dry, it’s the classic solution for low slope roofs, small attic spaces, and moderate to mild climates.

Typical RM 1200 Application
RM 1200
RM 1600

RM 1600

The RM 1600 is the papa bear of ventilation solutions, generating more power to battle built-up heat and moisture in your attic. The ideal solution for steep pitched roofs, large attic spaces, and extreme climates.

Typical RM 1600 Application
RM 1600

Roof Mount Attic Fans available in these attractive profiles:

Low Profile


This sleek, discreet design is for most roof applications.



A great alternative for north facing roofs when you need to improve exposure to the sun. It’s ideal for tile roofs when used with the self-flashing Tile Roof Add-on Kit (sold separately).

High Profile


This unobtrusive, aerodynamic design is perfect for locations with heavy snow loads. It’s also another option for tile roofs when “mudding in” is preferred.

Interior Mount

IM 1200

IM 1200

The IM 1200 Attic Fan uses solar power and your existing vents to drive out more heat and moisture, providing you with greater comfort and lower utility bills.

Great for Converting:

Gable Vents
Sorties d'air de ventilation
Turbines de ventilation
Dormer Vents
Lucarnes de ventilation
Powered Vents
Ventilateurs électriques



RM 1200 Add-On Panel

When shadows limit sun exposure and minimize the performance of your Solar Star attic fan, supplement your ventilation system with the RM 1200 Add-on Panel. It’s the sleek solution that ensures continuous operation throughout the day. Compatible with any Solar Star product.

Thermal Switch

The Thermal Switch lets you control when your venting system operates. Automatically activates when temperatures reach approximately 85° F and deactivates when temperatures drop below 65° F. Easily installs on all Solar Star models.

Interrupteur thermique

Recommended air intake venting (eaves or soffits) size requirements: