''Today, we have taken another leap forward by integrating advanced LED technology into our state-of-the-art daylighting systems.


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Welcome to Solabec®, consultants in daylighting innovations!

Established in 1994, we offer a complete range of skylights products and more particularly solutions and advises in innovations in daylighting.

Distributor of the famous Solatube® Daylighting system as well as a wide range of traditional skylights , domes, pyramidal or circular,and roof windows.

Solabec® the most important distributor of skylights in Québec, our reputation is back by an increasingly growing sastifaction from our customers made of architects, designers, specialists in construction and renovation and individuals in search of lasting solutions.

At Solabec® our mission is not limited to the distribution of products but mainly offering advises and ways at making your purchase a considerate and judicious choice.

Our offices in Laval are easily accessible being located close to major autoroute axes of the Laval industrial park.

We take this opportunity to thank you for the interest shown in our products and hope to help you soon.

The Solabec® team


Our products are not skylights. They are high-performance daylighting systems that use advanced optics to significantly improve the way daylight is harnessed. It brings natural light into dark spaces where natural light had rarely been an option.

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Solar Star

The Solar Star family of products feature the right solution for any attic ventilation situation. Quickly installs with no wiring assembly. Leak-proof flashing compatible with all roof types.

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Solabec fixed curb mount skylights are available in inside or outside fastenings and available in acrylic or glass.

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Roof Windows

This premium skylight product provides a built in Douglas Fir wood curb and is available venting or fixed in a wide range of sizes and glazing options. Custom flashing kits for each size are required.

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Pyramidal skylights from Solabec® are manufactured in the same classical style and can be modified to suit specific applications. Available in various sizes they are built to withstand the test of time.

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