The Solatube Advantage

Solatube's revolutionary, award-winning skylights set the standard. No others work as brilliantly, efficiently, or reliably. Our dedication to the utmost quality, design and manufacturing makes the difference.

LIGHT INTERCEPTING TRANSFER DEVICE (LITD®) increases the surface area available to intercept directional sunlight then transfers the light down the tubing. The result is increased light input and increased light output.

RAYBENDER® TECHNOLOGY is a patented feature in Solatube's UV and impact resistant dome. The Raybender lens intercepts light that is in the direct path and redirects it down the tube at a steeper angle so less light is lost in transfer absorption.

SPECTRALIGHT® INFINITY proprietary super reflective extension tubing has the highest reflectivity in the world for the brightest, purest light available today.

SEAMLESS FLASHINGS are fabricated as a single, seamless piece to ensure leak-proof performance.

INSTALLATION IS QUICK AND EASY without structural reframing, mess, or hassle. Pre-assembled kits make installation even faster and easier

SPECTRALIGHT® DELTA angle adapters fit between roof rafters and make installation around attic obstructions easy. Each Solatube kit features two Spectralight® Delta angle adapters to allow placement virtually anywhere.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT sealed design works like a dual glazed window, minimizing heat loss or gain between interior and outdoor environments.