Heat And Moisture Are Your Attic's Worst Enemy

Research has proven that heat and moisture are every attic's worst enemy. While many homes have small passive vents, most are ineffective in moving enough air to expel heat and moisture. Solar Star attic fans are technologically advanced with a "run by the sun" solution for both problems.

Most electric powered attic ventilators are engaged by a thermostat, so they only work when attic temperatures have already built up. Because of this, thermostat activated units are forced to play catch up with that build-up heat. Other systems may only have a humidistat measuring the moisture level in an attic. This too is a problem because when humidity levels reach the preset activation level, condensation and moisture have already reached a critical point.

The solution is Solar Star. Solar Star doesn't have the costly problem of replacing thermostats or humidistats like electric ventilators. And since Solar Star functions from sunup to sundown, humidity and temperature levels never reach those critical activation levels. The result is a properly ventilated attic which prolongs your roof's life, lowers your utility costs, and makes your living environment comfortable.

Suppress Heat Build Up

A hot attic acts like a giant radiator, transferring heat into your living spaces, sending both utility bills and temperatures soaring. In colder climates, heat build-up in an attic causes snow to melt and run down where it freezes at the eaves, causing destructive ice damming.

Battle Moisture

Many of today's houses have insufficient ventilation and air exchange. This causes high humidity levels from everyday activities. This moisture migrates through the ceiling towards the roof where it comes in contact with the cold structure. Here, ice and frost form, causing damage to your roof structure. Additionally, moisture can saturate insulation, promote fungal decay and plywood delamination.

Solar Star: